United Bowmen of Philadelphia


Bowmen Mark Holders—Continued

The mark of a Bowmen is a special identifying symbol assigned to him upon election, together with colors and a motto. These marks have come down through the Club’s history, each usually being transferred, after a member’s death, resignation or election to Associate Membership, to a new member. However, some marks have been especially created to suit new members. Mottos and marks have been included here if they were available.

St. George Cross

Motto: Fide et opera

Mike Poirier

Sept. 10, 2000—Present


Templar Cross

John Poirier

June 14, 1981—Present


Motto: Uniti superamus


Motto: Veritas

Celtic Cross

Jack Studebaker 

May 18, 1997—Present

Jerry Robbins

June 8, 1986—Present

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Rich Goshorn

Sept. 13, 2009—Present