United Bowmen of Philadelphia


Awarded for High Bow and High Allowance scores at the Annual Proctor Wetherill Memorial Shoot

Awarded for the Second High Bow score at the Annual Field Day

Awarded for the High Allowance score

Awarded for the Third High Score on the Annual Field Day

Awarded for the High Bow score at the Annual Field Day

Proctor Wetherill Memorial Trophies

Avon Arrow

Heckscher Wetherill Tureen

Blackburn Tankard

Batten Tankard

Trophies and Awards


Awarded for the High Bow score at the Annual Field Day. The Field Day Medallion awarded is to be kept in the permanent possession of the recipient. There is no specific mention in the minutes from 1936 until 1949 when the reproduction of this old time prize is listed for that year. In the period 1936 - 1948 there is mention of the “club medal” and there is also mention of the “Batten Beaker” as the prize for High Bow on “Prize Field Day.”


Awarded for the Second High Allowance score at the Annual Field Day. This attractive bowl was presented to the United Bowmen by Albert Spendlove. It was awarded for the first time on January 12, 1969 at the Prize Dinner held at the Corinthian Yacht Club.


Awarded for the greatest improvement during the year as represented by the current year’s highest score over the previous year’s highest score.


Awarded to the Bowmen who shot the highest score during the current season.


Awarded to the Bowmen whose average at the conclusion of the season shows the greatest improvement over his average at the conclusion of the previous season. This silver Trophy was donated by Bowman T. Truxtun Hare on October 18, 1942 and named for his home in Radnor, Pennsylvania.


Awarded for the High Allowance score at the Annual Shandygaff Shoot. This handsome silver salver was donated by Edmund R. Tuebner, Jr. in 1938 and first went into competition June 5th of that year at the donor’s home in Horsham, Pennsylvania. For the next 19 years the Bowmen met at the invitation of Bowman Tuebner for luncheon, shooting and then afterward dinner in the Bowmen Hall with the appropriate hanging of the shields and partaking of the Hail Storm Punch. In 1958 Bowman Tuebner transferred the locale of this affair to the Corinthian Yacht Club at which place the shooting for this trophy has since taken place.


Awarded for the highest score shot in the course of the year by a member of the Bowmen who has served in the Armed Forces. The Trophy was presented by, Bowman George Batten at a meeting of the Bowman held on May 24, 1942. It is similar to the mazer given to the National Archer Association by Captain Clive Temperley, a well-known British archer with friends on both sides of the Atlantic and who was elected as an honorary member of the United Bowmen of Philadelphia on October 20, 1940.


Awarded for the High Bow score at the Election Day Shoot. The Palmer Cup was presented to the United Bowmen in 1936 by William Henry Palmer.


Awarded for the High Bow score shot during the annual mail match against the Royal Toxophilite Society. This Coronation Plate of sterling silver is engraved: “To The United Bowmen of Philadelphia in Commemoration of the visit to the United States of America of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1939”. The Coronation date of May 12, 1937 forms part of the  design. This beautiful trophy was received from the hand of Captain Colin R. Duncan by Dr. Robert P. Elmer in New York on May 12, 1939. Captain Duncan, an Englishman, was made an Honorary Member of The United Bowmen when he visited America in 1935 and shot with the club at Brick House, the home of Hechscher Wetherill in New Jersey. This Trophy is awarded for the High Bow score shot at the shoot at which the United Bowmen compete against the Royal Toxophilite Society in their annual mail match.


Awarded to the Bowmen who places in the 10th position of the team shooting against the Royal Toxophilite Society.


This Trophy is to be awarded to the Bowman who shoots the High Bow score during the current year using the traditional English Longbow and wooden arrows. This beautiful hand made Trophy was made by Bowmen Stecker and Studebaker and presented to the club at the Annual Prize Dinner on March 13, 1999.


Awarded to the winning team in the Annual Mail Match with the Surrey Bowmen. This trophy was first contested for in 1938 and 1939 as a mail match with the Surrey Bowmen. The match was not held during the war and was not renewed until 1974 and lasted until 1980. The United Bowmen were again contacted in October 1996 and the competition was renewed for the 1997 season.


A Silver Ice Bucket retained in the possession of the President while in office. First awarded in 1974 the following list is of those Bowmen who have served as President of the United Bowmen of Philadelphia.

E. J. Duffey Mid-Point Trophy