United Bowmen of Philadelphia


Bowmen Mark Holders—Continued

The mark of a Bowmen is a special identifying symbol assigned to him upon election, together with colors and a motto. These marks have come down through the Club’s history, each usually being transferred, after a member’s death, resignation or election to Associate Membership, to a new member. However, some marks have been especially created to suit new members. Mottos and marks have been included here if they were available.

Silver Spoons

Jack Treadwell

Oct. 8, 2000—Present

Ronald Vickers

May 17,1998—Present

May 17, 1998 - Present


Motto: Toujours egal


Motto: Suis stat viribus

Paul Yatron

Sept. 9, 1979—Present


Motto: Spectamur agendo



Eric Zehner

July 10, 1988—Present

Hammer of Thor

Motto: Malleo cudo aurum alato

Joe Swider

Oct.21, 1984—Present